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Hello everyone!
I've a pleasure to announce winners of my Birthday Contest! It was really hard to pick only 3 pictures, so this journal is a little bit delayed. Sorry about it!

I would like to thank all of you who had painted my original character or spread the news about this contest. I feel really happy that you spend your time to celebrate with me.
Thank you so much! <3

And now the winners!

1st place:
Sanctuary by Iduna-Haya
There is something about the mood and the style of this illustration that makes it feels just right for my Ayediah.
Serene. Guarding. Noble.
I adore the composition and really original style that merges clean flat surfaces with smooth gradients and details. Somehow it reminds me art nouveau style.
And this hair flow... <3


2nd place:
Ayediahs secret place (Contest Entry - 2nd Place) by LacrimareObscura
I can easily imagine Ayediah sitting next to the forest stream, patting magical dear with roses blooming from its antlers.
The lights reminds me of glowing petals or seeds falling dawn from ancient, mythical tree.
I would love to hear a story behind this picture. It's so inspiring!


3rd place:
Ayediah by Aya-Lunar
This outfit is just gorgeous! And the staff design is amazing and perfect for Ayediah!
I really like how the background complements the rest of the portrait - when I look on this sky I think of nebulas.
Beautiful colour choice!


Honourable mentions:

Ayediah [CE] by LeilaAscarizImg 20180418 205738989 by LuuneYooseiAyediah  by x3mely


Please contact me via email or send me filled commission form
Please make sure to mention that you just won my contest :)

 Heart Thank you again! Heart 
Hello guys!
I'm currently engaged in bigger project but I have few more commission spots for May open if you would like to get an illustration from me :)

My latest pictures were concentrated around WoW fanarts but I think they are all gorgeous!
My average price for a portrait is 60 EUR and 120 EUR for an illustration. Please check out my commission journal for more detailed info about pictures and pricing.

Please contact me via email or use commission form on my webpage.

Commission: Vindhyas and Vikorina by LenamoArt
Commission Campfire by LenamoArt
Commission: Toliare and Enedion Featherstep by LenamoArtCommission: Taluciela by LenamoArt

  • Reading: The Mistborn
  • Playing: Invisible Inc.
  • Drinking: cherry tea

Hello everyone!
In 10 days I'll celebrate my birthday and I would like to run a little contest for you!



To qualify you need to:
1) Draw my character Ayediah
Race: Elf
Class: Mage
Hair: red/orange, long and wavy
Skin colour: fair
Eyes colour: light blue
Outfit: green robe with golden and violet accents

Basically you can draw anything related to my character from portrait or scene to outfit design.
You have a lot of freedom here, but remember that Ayediah belongs to high fantasy world.

Patreon: Ayediah by LenamoArt

2) Share the news
Add this journal to your favourites, and tag me while sharing on Twitter @ LenamoArt or Facebook @

3) Submit
Submit your picture here on deviantART and tag me in the description LenamoArt 

The contest will be conducted March 13th through April 30th, 2018. Deadline for entries is April 30th, 2018.

The work is new and created for this contest.
The contest is open to everyone and you can add as many entries as you want, but you can win only one reward "pack".
Each contestant will be featured in a special journal announcing the winners. The winners will be chosen by me and announced before May 5th, 2018. By participating, you acknowledge and agree that your work can be used and featured with all contest related posts, journals, and announcements.


1st place:
Bust portrait commission worth 50EUR
1 month mentorship (check out My Apprentice tier on my Patreon)
Journal feature

2nd place:
Bust portrait commission worth 50 EUR
Journal feature

3rd place:
Bust sketch commission worth 30 EUR
Journal feature

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  • Playing: Invisible Inc.
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Hello everyone!
I'm receiving quite a lot of questions about how I became a professional artist and make my living with art. So here is AMA initiative to give you an opportunity to find out more about pros and cons being a freelance artist.

Feel free to ask and I'll answer asap!
  • Reading: Joe Abercrombie "The First Law"
  • Playing: Mordheim
  • Drinking: cofeee
Hello everyone!

I've decided to open commissions for April, so if you're looking for a gift for your friend or dream about having your MMO character painted in high quality this is your chance!

Average prices:
Bust Sketches

Portraits without background 60
Portraits with detailed background
I want to remind that starting from 4th commission I'm offering a 5% discount for all future commissions (both private and commercial)!

Contact me via
Star! Star! 

Please read my commission info or contact me via email (my message box on DA is filed with DD suggestions, so it's a nightmare to keep track on any other messages here). And if you want to commission me right away fill this commission form. Thank you!

Please note that waiting time (from making the payment till you receive a final image) is around one month.

Commissions: website | PATREON | Instagram | Facebook | ArtStation | SHOP Society6 | Twitter 

Portraits - Character designs - Illustrations


waiting time from the payment till final image: around a month
Heart Become my Patron to get cheaper commissions or just throw $1 to my tip jar on PATREONHeart
Table of Contents:
1. Monochrome pictures
2. Coloured pictures
3. Pricing and payment details
4. Commission Form
5. FAQ and Contact

Digital Art Galleries Explained

Tue Feb 20, 2018, 9:00 AM by LenamoArt:iconlenamoart:

Gallery Descriptions and Miscats Month

What is Digital Art?

In modern culture we’re surrounded by the technology and digital media all the time. But not every artwork we can see on the internet is “digital art”, even if it’s displayed on a digital medium like monitor or tablet. This term is used to describe artistic works created mostly on the computer with the use of digital technologies. The works created this way combines artist's talent with the possibilities of modern programs.

There are two main approaches in computer graphics: raster graphic and vector graphic.

What is raster graphic?

Raster is a graphic technique, also known as bitmap, uses pixels as the canvas. These pixels are small points filled with single colour. The more pixels stacked together, the more detailed raster picture can be.

A raster image is characterized by the width and height of the image in pixels (or pixels per inch - ppi) and by the colour depth it can represent.

Evade by JadeMere RED Concert Poster by JenZeeTiho by Seven-teenthMy Heart Jumped by sandara

What is vector graphic?

Vector is a graphic technique uses mathematical algorithms, called paths. These paths contain the information about colours, starting and ending points, and how the line between these points is shaped. Picture constructed this way can be rescaled and edited without loss of image quality or resolution.

This Vector gallery is meant for pictures created in vector-using programs like Adobe Illustrator or Flash.

Snowy Stroll by ChasingArtwork The Sorceress by crcarlosrodriguez Lost Time by ChasingArtworkBackground Cuties Labo//003 by Inkola The Blossoming Beelzebub by maruhana-bachi

You can also submit your vector-based images to:

Galleries Descriptions:

3-Dimensional Art
3D models are widely used in the modern world, mostly in the game industry and advertisement. The models are based on the grid made of two or more polygons connected with each other by edges. Usually grids are created from triangles or convex quadrangles. In this way, you can make simple blocks, or - if the grid is dense enough - really complex objects.

Octillery by Linfter'Berthing' by MarkJayBee Pisciasa - Mech Fishes Models by phungdinhdungWysiwyg by Dofresh

You can also submit your 3D art to:

Although animation is a wide and diverse category, this gallery is meant for digital animation in GIF format only.

Casper by AbsoluteDream Cursed Book by Z-studios.:Animation:. Loreley Oc MAP part 37 by Askila-Deamon Climbing by Carpet-Crawler

You can submit your animations in other formats to:

Drawings & Paintings
This gallery is meant for raster (pixel based) images, both drawings and paintings created with tablet and pen. Getting a traditional media feel with digital media can be really challenging.

Bird Knight by tetramera The Monarch's Lullaby by QissusMother Nature by Valentina-Remenar Paragon (Month of Love) by Qissus Timeless: Jago and Adri'a by White-Mantis

You can also submit your drawings and paintings to:

Fractal Art
The technical definition of fractal art sounds a little bit complicated:

Fractal is an abstract object used to describe and simulate naturally occurring objects. Artificially created fractals commonly exhibit similar patterns at increasingly small scales. (Boeing, G. 2016)

In a nutshell fractal art is made by the basic shape that repeats itself in complicated patterns with a stunning amount of details. It’s rarely drawn by hand, usually it’s created with computer programs using mathematical algorithms.
TGlad Spirals by Undead-Academy Golden Lace Mandala v.2 by LilyasMurmuring Mermaids by 2BORN02BMenger Reign by batjorge

Mixed Media
Artists often use more than one technique in their creations. This approach is often a very convenient way to to achieve the desired effect. Mixed Media gallery is meant for artworks created with at least two different techniques, where at least one is digital.

There is a lot of confusion around Mixed Media galleries. Sometimes it’s hard to judge whether the artwork should be submitted to Mixed Media under Digital or Traditional category. The most reasonable solution, in my opinion, is to let the artist decide which media had more significant impact on the creating process.

DR: Plot by HarpiyaWerewolf forest by Robin-Boer The Blind Princess - OC Commission by Eddy-ShinjukuWaterfalls Cave by CavalierediSpade

You can submit your Mixed Media also to:

Photomanipulation is a process of altering and adjusting an existing photographs in order to create desired image. Photomanipulation can range from very simple ones like retouching, or tone changing to complicated ones like photobashing - mixing ready photos with painting techniques.

Inception by maxasabin The Light Keeper by alltelleringet Over the Clouds by annewipf Mech Business by Softyrider62 Its not too late by kevron2001

You can submit your anthro photomanipulations gallery in Anthro > Digital Media > Photomanipulation category

Pixel Art
Some says that pixel art is an image in very low resolution and quality. While this opinion is certainly far from truth, it shows how easy it is to misjudge art by simply not understanding it. Pixel art is from the beginning strongly connected to computer games, when technological limitations did not allow to create more complicated images. Low screen resolution and colour palette limited to 16, 32 or even 256 colours was a big challenge for graphic artists in the past.

During the past few years pixel art made a huge come back to gaming industry. But today, when digital artists can create pictures with advanced technologies and programs, pixel art is simply a one of the styles chosen by an artist to express their idea. This style is focused on creating an image on micro scale, and using pixels as blocks to build an image in a way similar to mosaic technique.

Love is All by call-me-HkBlue Flame Ruins by MoneerTheFirst 011818 by acidicchoco 26 - Bike by Xienne Unrest by Sky-Burial

You can also submit your Anthro images to Pixel Art gallery in Anthro > Digital Media > Pixel Art

Stereoscopy is a technique used to create a three-dimensional effect, adding a perception of depth to a two-dimensional image. Most stereoscopic methods present two offset flat images separately to the left and right eye of the viewer. These images are then combined in the brain to give the illusion of 3D depth.

stereo.stereo by betteoGame of Life 3-D conversion by MVRamsey DC's Trinity by Clay Mann in 3D Anaglyph by xmancyclops Guardian of the Past by 3DimkaHorror Reaper 3-D conversion by MVRamsey

Text Art
Text art uses ASCII, ANSI or Shift-JIS symbols to create text based images. Text art was originally used in times when early printers lacked graphics ability or used in early e-mail when images could not be embedded.

While text art can be created by hand it’s much easier to use computer programs and text image generators.

Reimu Hakurei from PC-98 in ASCII Style ( Touhou ) by SXC-150 Azu::nyan by Otone Late Night Alumni by trace3 ASCII Wadjet by Kamose

Ty­pog­ra­phy adds the vi­sual com­po­nent to the writ­ten word, to enhance its meaning and make it appealing when displayed. It’s important to emphasize that typography is not only about a choice of font. While the typeface and font are very important, there are other elements that need to be balanced like alignment or the horizontal space between individual letters, and groups of letters.

Typography by mvgraphics Always  by LelpelAs Mysterious As A Cat by AbelPhee home by layer01 Experimental Typography Candy by crymz

Vexel art is a style in raster graphic mimicking the look of vector images. If it sounds complicated you can imagine a drawing of clean line art filled with flat colour or smooth gradient that is raster based.

The Perfect Girl by Jaejoong happy crimmus (updates and news in desc!) by rythiian Rainbow Storms [+SPEEDPAINT!] by RosieBees Somber Quietus by JereekEspiritu

You can also submit you vexel art to:

Mature Content

This content is intended for mature audiences.

or, enter your birth date.*



Please enter a valid date format (mm-dd-yyyy)
Please confirm you have reviewed DeviantArt's Terms of Service below.
* We do not retain your date-of-birth information.
Hello everyone!

I know that it's the end of the year, but it's a perfect time to start thinking about Valentine's Day gifts!
 Commission: Mileana by LenamoArt

My schedule for January is almost filled, but I'm open for commissions for February. There is plenty of time to think about awesome gift for your beloved one (real life or RPG), and if you think that portrait would be a great idea send me an email or fill the commission form on my website

On top of that I'm offering 10% off all kind of couples commissions Heart
Commission: Kiss by LenamoArt Commission: Promise by LenamoArt Commission: Soldier 76 and McCree by LenamoArt Commission: Echo by LenamoArtCommission: Princess and her Knight by LenamoArt Commission: Fortissimo by LenamoArt Commission: The Whispers of Rings by LenamoArt

Hello everyone!

It's up! Join Art Under Control Facebook group!

Some time ago I've asked in one of my polls if you're interested in joining art related group on Facebook. I've created the group and I'm going to run it as an admin. It's a private group so none of your posts will be visible to your friends, unless they join the group. It's really convenient because you can share you sketches, ask for feedback and at the same time keep the art for yourself.

What's important, the group is planning to be small, casual and friendly. I'm not aiming to create a group with 10k + members where your posts will drown between professional artists' images. I want give you some of my free time and provide a constructive feedback on your work. Feel free to join Art Under Control

Hello my friends!

I've decided to open five slots of special commissions for Christmas! So if you're looking for a gift for your friend or family I'm offering a 20% discount on all sketches and portraits. That means that average sketch price is 16 EUR (18 USD) and average portrait price is 48 EUR (55 USD)!

Star! Santa Clause  Bullet; Red Christmas Presents: Bullet; Red Santa Clause Star! 
All slots taken! thank you <3

The discounted commissions are available till the end of November of till the all slots five are filled!

Please read my commission info and contact me via email (my message box on DA is filed with DD suggestions, so it's a nightmare to keep track on any other messages here) Thank you!

Almost DDs #1

Tue Nov 7, 2017, 10:00 PM by LenamoArt:iconlenamoart:

Hello everyone!

I'm a Digital Art Community Volunteer and professional digital artist. This is the first journal in the series featuring amazing pictures that barely missed Daily Deviation. Please note, that opinions below are subjective, and are meant to be constructive and helpful.

Sunset by AlessiaPelonzi
Sunset by AlessiaPelonzi
I really love the mood here! Sunlight reflections on the lake looks amazing. The only thing that bothered me is that the character is just a flat black shape. I felt that a little bit of light defining the form of the body would make a huge difference. Nonetheless this is a lovely piece of art!

Mermaid by ElXi-Ameyn
Mermaid by ElXi-Ameyn
The colour palette of this illustration is amazing! I love the subtle tones on the scales and the bright sunlight on the mermaid's face. Unfortunately anatomy issues, especially in the chest area, are really distracting. Apart from that it's an excellent example of colour and value control.

The Vagabond by ReFiend
The Vagabond by ReFiend
I'm really impressed how beautiful the environment looks here. The level of details is perfect for each plane! I like everything, but the character. The character feels somehow out of scale and a little bit fake because the white hair is almost not affected by bright orange light and deep shadows.

Invasion by Dalgeor
Invasion by Dalgeor
The longer I was looking at this picture, the more I felt lost. The level of painting is so uneven! The detail of the dragon is amazing, but the blue fire (?) effect seems fake. The ship is great, but the perspective is awkward. The background seems to be painted in a rush. However I really like the strange story - red dragon fighting some flying ship full of ghost deers - how awesome is that?!

Autumn by Anastasia-berry
 Autumn by Anastasia-berry
I'm amazed how beautiful Anastasia's style is! I have only two suggestions to make it better. First: give up on using custom brushes for jewellery - the level of details, and the style are completely different from the rest and because of that feels fake and out of place. Second: pay more attention to your lightsource - her face is beautifully shaded, but the light seems to not affecting anything else in the picture - it bothers me especially when I'm looking at her hair. Nonetheless, the character feels so realistic! Just take a look at the little skin imperfections - it's not just another plastic doll. Love it!

Unreckoned - Jenny Da' Gare (The Kuos series) by AHAKuo
 Unreckoned - Jenny Da' Gare (The Kuos series) by AHAKuo
I was surprised to discover it's based on a 3D model. The scene is beautifully composed and the character feels engaged in the action. Unfortunately, the edges of the character are too sharp and the hair flow feels really awkward. Also the bright green light seems to not affect the character at all. This is an awesome base, but it requires a little bit more work to make it consistent.

Hope you enjoyed this journal!
I would love to hear your opinion.


What is Almost DDs Journal Series?

Fri Sep 15, 2017, 3:20 AM by LenamoArt:iconlenamoart:

Hello dear members,

Every day I’m receiving a lot of fantastic Daily Deviation suggestions, and fitting them all in our DD schedule is simply impossible. Choosing the best ones is often really hard and sometimes leads to declining very good pictures. That’s why I’ve decided to run a journal series featuring Almost-DDs - amazing digital illustrations and concepts, which unfortunately failed to execute some aspects of the perfect picture.

I would like to focus on people who had the courage to suggest themselves. I believe that receiving even a brief feedback will help you to understand why your picture didn’t make it to DDs and where you can improve! So if you ever hesitated to send me a DD suggestion, just visit my profile, hit the note button and send me your best work. I’ll be happy to take a look!

If you’re not sure how to suggest a DD, please read my Daily Deviations Guidelines.

Best, LenamoArt

Have you seen great contests that was prepared by DA team for us to celebrate? There is a lot of awesome rewards so you should totally check them out!
Celebrating 17 Years of DeviantArt!Seventeen years ago, DeviantArt launched what would soon become the world’s largest online art community. August 7th marks the day we sprang onto the Internet, and we want to celebrate this momentous occasion by thanking deviants all around the globe for your inspiration, entertainment, and more than a little deviousness!

Get the Badge!

Seventeen years ago, DeviantArt launched what would soon become the world’s largest online art community.
August 7th marks the day we sprang onto the Internet, and we want to celebrate this momentous occasion by thanking deviants all around the globe for your inspiration, entertainment, and more than a little deviousness.
For some, birthdays are a time of reflection, an opportunity,
Contest: Your Artistic JourneyHello all,
To celebrate DeviantArt's 17th Birthday on August 7th, projecteducate wanted to bring to you a special contest that is rife with meaning. We wanted to give you an opportunity to show us what your journey has been in the realm of art, but also on DeviantArt. Please read the information below to find out what exactly the prompt of this contest is, what the rules are, how to participate, and what you could win!
Your Artistic Journey
Whether you've been creating art for 3 months or 15 years, you've got a story to tell. You've gone through a journey, an evolution, you've learned a lot, you've become a better artist, you've made mistakes, you've dealt with frustrations. Not everything was easy, not everything was hard. You started out as one person and you might be someone entirely different right now. Your personal life affected your artistic life, and vice versa. This is what this contest wants to hit right into. We want you to reflect on your time as an artist
DeviantArt's 17th Birthday - Chat/Forum Events!Dear all,
We hope you're excited for DeviantArt's 17th Birthday! The Community Relations team has prepared a series of chat and forum events for you, as we do every year. In this journal you will find the list of chat and forum events as well as links to the forum threads and the times for the chat events. Each event gives you a chance at winning awesome prizes, so spread the word and get ready!
Chat Events:
All chat events will occur in :#communityrelations: on Monday August 7th!
All the times listed below are Pacific Time (Los Angeles, California) please use this Time converter to help you figure out what time it will be for you.
The typical prizes given out for these events will be 3 month core memberships or the equivalent 1200 points, as well as participation points to all those who didn't win but partook in an activity.
10 AM :
Trivia with Nobody

Also there is an unique change to see a picture of me when I was 17 yo! Quite embarrassing picture I would say :D
DA's 17th Birthday Caption Contest!
:cake: :cake: :cake:
To celebrate DeviantArt's 17th birthday, the Community Relations team is running a caption contest! La la la la  That means it's time to poke some fun at the volunteers and staff by captioning the photos below EVIL Laughter!  
How it works:
Visit each individual photo linked below to leave a caption. Each caption is your entry to the contest. You may leave a caption on any number of these photos as you'd like. Your captions can be whatever you feel is funny, ironic, sassy, derpy, witty enough to fit the photo you're captioning! Also, you can only post one caption per photo!
The Prize:
The best caption for each photo wins a 1-month core membership! :eager: by darkmoon3636
The Deadline:
August 8th at 11:59 PM PT. (LA, California time) Any comments left after that time will no

Have fun!
Hello Friends!

I'm finally moved to my new apartment and I'm back to painting again! I was super busy recently and I totally forgot writing a journal about 1000 watchers celebration! Waaaah!
That's a mistake that needs to be fixed now!

Here are sketches I've created for two winners:

1000 watcher:
Free sketch Commission: Dione by LenamoArt
2nd price winner:
Free sketch commission: Kenneth-Nova by LenamoArt

I'll take an advantage of the opportunity and say that after a break I will be running a Free sketch Commissions again! If you would like to receive a free sketch from me please take a look on the journal and rules.
Free Character Sketch Commissions!Hello my Friends and Followers!
Since I was asked about it, I decided to open my commissions. On top of paid ones there will be one free slot available each month!
Rules for free Character Sketch commission:
Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and of course watch me on dA. Leave me a comment or send note if you use different nicknames.
Send your request on dA via note with an information what character would you like to see - I'll do both fanarts and OCs (additional pictures or links are welcome).I'll pick ONE person for each month. The list will be available on my dA profile.You're free to repost or upload picture to your dA profile as long as you credit me. Don't remove my signature.If you were unlucky then feel free to submit next month!You can't participate more than once.
Here a

Keep drawing!
Marlena Lenamo

Daily Deviations Guidelines

Tue Jun 20, 2017, 4:27 AM

Welcome friends and watchers!

My name is Marlena and I'm Digital Art Community Volunteer (CV). I'm here to represent the Digital Art Gallery and feature artists throughout the DeviantArt community. I hope that with my help, you will be able to discover new, amazing deviants and artworks.

What kind of artworks am I looking for?

I'm really happy to discover new digital artworks and feature them as Daily Deviations. If you take a look on my DDs featured by me, you'll find that I'm not bound to any type of artworks. I'm featuring a wide variety of digital art, from posters to full illustrations, from portraits to landscapes.

However, I tend to feature:
  • newer artworks, not older than 6 months
  • undiscovered artists
  • fantasy themes
  • artworks with story behind the frame
  • good examples of artist's skill, like confident brush work, great lighting, or charming colour palette
If you're still not sure, just go ahead and suggest the picture you like and I will be happy to take a look!  

How to suggest Daily Deviation?

It's really easy! First make sure the user hasn't received a Daily Deviation in the past 6 months. Then just hit the "Note" button on my profile page and:
  • Add the subject: DD Suggestion
  • If you have multiple suggestions please include the :thumbcode: and paste as many as you'd like in a single note instead of multiple notes
  • If you wish you can include the reason why you think the deviant deserves a Daily Deviation
Please keep in mind that:
  • I can only feature artworks from the Digital Art Gallery. I cannot feature anything else, like fan art or comic, even if it's done with digital media 
  • Please, send your suggestions to only one Community Volunteer. If I won't feature your suggestion in 30 days, feel free to suggest it to other digital art CV KovoWolf and lovelessdevotions 
  • I might pick other picture from artist's gallery that I like more. I'll credit you anyway if that's ok.
  • I may not reply to all suggestions, but I do read, consider and appreciate every suggestion
Special thanks to my most active "suggesters". You're awesome!
:icongeorgexvii: :iconcatgirldstr11: :iconpsoty: :iconcosmicbound: :iconcristii:

Hello my friends and watchers!

I'm getting closer and closer to the 1000 Watchers milestone and I would like to celebrate it with you! I will draw two bust sketches.

First sketch will be painted for my 1000 watcher and all you need to do is send me a screenshot of my profile showing 1000 in my watcher stats.
Second sketch will be painted for one of the raffle participants, who will like this journal and tag 3 other people in the comment.

On top of that you can always join my Free Character Sketch Raffle
Free Character Sketch Commissions!Hello my Friends and Followers!
Since I was asked about it, I decided to open my commissions. On top of paid ones there will be one free slot available each month!
Rules for free Character Sketch commission:
Follow me on Instagram and Facebook and of course watch me on dA. Leave me a comment or send note if you use different nicknames.
Send your request on dA via note with an information what character would you like to see - I'll do both fanarts and OCs (additional pictures or links are welcome).I'll pick ONE person for each month. The list will be available on my dA profile.You're free to repost or upload picture to your dA profile as long as you credit me. Don't remove my signature.If you were unlucky then feel free to submit next month!You can't participate more than once.
Here a

Overwatch: 76 unmasked by LenamoArt Unipmressed Girl - 400 watchers by LenamoArt Free Sketch Commission: sketch Sasuke x Karin by LenamoArt Free sketch Commission: Wind Shamaness by LenamoArt Free sketch Commission: Synarah by LenamoArt Free Sketch Commission: Illusen Vacarius by LenamoArt Free Sketch Commission: Donatien by LenamoArt
  • Reading: The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicle)
  • Playing: Diablo III
  • Drinking: coffee
Hello friends!

Catherine anneauxdelacroix
 convinced me that it's a good idea to join Twitter. I think it's a nice way to share some of my inspirations and every day ohs and ahs ;) So I had created account, but I feel a little bit lonley and lost... 

Will you join me?

  • Listening to: Tamer - Beautiful Crime
  • Reading: The Wise Man's Fear (Kingkiller Chronicle)
  • Playing: Factorio
  • Drinking: coffee

Hello everyone!

Some time ago we have been celebrating my 600 watchers milestone with three free mentorship trials. I asked for few pictures to do redlines, one picture to paintover, and some information about the things you wish to improve.

LucyMacrae got a January's spot and wanted to improve skin colours and overall impression of the picture. Here are some of my tips and ideas and I hope you'll find them useful.

How to choose skin colours?

I know that it's very tempting to take a photo reference and just use pipette tool and eyedrop the colour from a skin area, but in this way we learn nothing. Really. First of all photos are made of pixels in various colours, so we may end up eyedropping a really unnatural colour. Second, even if we pick a really good colour we probably won't remember what was the RGB ratio.
So how to find a right colour? I strongly recommend doing photo studies or master studies (hard brush, without eyedropping original picture!) and just practise a lot. Yeah blah blah, nothing original, I know. But this studies are really helpful, a doing them helps you remember what colours you had been using.

The most common mistake is changing only the value of the colour (so lighter or darker) and not changing the colour.
The general rules are when it comes to painting skin in natural light is:
  • skin colour: some kind of warm pink mid-tone 
  • shadow: darker (duh!), more saturated, cooler (more violet)
  • light: brighter, less saturated, warmer (more yellow)
Below you can see the basic colours with 4 coloured layers over it:
  • shadow done with violet "multiply" set to 45% opacity
  • light done with light yellow "soft light" 100% opacity
  • bounced light done with desaturated light violet "overlay" set to 50% opacity
  • hard light done with very light yellow "colour dodge" set to 50% opacity
Skin Colour Palette - hard by LenamoArt Skin Colour Palette - blended by LenamoArt

PSD avaiable for free in my Gumroad store!

This is just a general idea but it opens you a way to upgrade your skills. And for example if your light source is green then, the light layer and bounced light layer should be green instead of yellow. And that's it. Simple, right? :)

And at the end, if you really, like REALLY, REALLY want to use a skin colour from the photo I suggest to use "Gaussian blur" filter to blend pixels on the skin together to the point where facial features are blurred but still easy to recognise.

How to make a picture more interesting?

This is a vast topic, but if I would sum it up in a one word it would be the contrast. So in order to make a picture more interesting you need to play around the contrast, both value (light-dark) and colour (warm-cool).

The easiest way to create a good, interesting composition is to create thumbnails. Thumbnail is a small canvas where you can paint a very general idea of your picture in grayscale. The reason for the grayscale is that our colour perception can deceive us - for example we associate red colour with fire and light, but in grayscale red is really dark, and that's why in many pictures fire doesn't seem so bright as it should be. So basically grayscale let us focus on one thing at the time. First values, then colour. It's a good start, later you'll do both at the same time, I'm sure ;)

So the reason I'm talking about the problem with the red colour is the picture below.
  1. The rose doesn't really feel like glowing, because it's value was almost as dark as a shadowy background. I had to brighten it to a lot.
  2. The light on the face shouldn't be brighter than the light source. 
  3. Added secondary light source at the background is good for defining shapes.
  4. Hair was too blended together for my taste. I've added some loose hair and divided it into smaller sections.
  5. There was an anatomy problem with eye socket and iris. A little bit of red light on eyelashes did a great job in my opinion.
  6. Some magical flames and sparkles to make the background a little bit more interesting ;)
Original picture and repaint:
Pearl's Lament (Steven Universe Fan Art) by LucyMacraePearl's Lament-rev by LenamoArt

Backlight is an easy way to add some drama to your picture. You just need to darken the central area of the figure.

Danger-values by LenamoArt

I have noticed some specific anatomy of the face, and I'm not sure if it's the way you want to paint faces or just a shading problem. So a really dark shade under the cheekbone and very narrow jaw feels like the cheeks are sinking into the face or that the person is extremely skinny. And as I said, it can be your style, but in order to paint more realistic faces try not to emphases cheekbones so much ;)
Leif-rev by LenamoArt

To fix the last picture I had to separate the characters. It's a really hard perspective and to be honest I would't go for it without few really good reference photos. The frames show the final "free transform" frame shapes. As you can see the perspective of the girl is pretty good, but the perspective of the boy was really flat, and because of that his anatomy become incorrect. There is only one thing I would like to point out: the connection between nose and forehead will always be above the eyes. The ear was placed correctly, but when I moved the eye lower, I had to move ear as well.
Don't mind her hand - it become super weird during free transforming.
Ashe and Leif-rev by LenamoArt

At the end I would like to say that you have picked really difficult pictures, and that I absolutely love two works in progress from your gallery, so let me feature it ;) I would love to paint over the first one if you don't mind ;)
WIP by LucyMacrae Bunny Girl by LucyMacrae

Hope you find this tips and paintovers useful.


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Hello everyone!

Some time ago we have been celebrating my 600 watchers milestone with three free mentorship trials. I asked for few pictures to do redlines, one picture to paintover, and some information about the things you wish to improve.

Cr0ssheart was fast enough to get a December's spot and wanted to improve his colour palette and anatomy. Here are some of my tips and ideas and I hope you'll find them useful.

How to create a colour palette?
I really like collecting pictures for composition, structure or colours reference. I really encourage creating few folders on your hard drive and building your own library of references. Or you can go to sites like Pinterest and find some amazing pictures or ready colour palettes. There are literally hundreds of boards with colourful pictures. It takes some practise to build a matching colour palette, so at the beginning you can try to use sites like Coolors where you can upload an image you like, and click "Auto" to generate an instant colour palette! It's really simple and worth trying.

A rule of thumb is avoiding 100% black, 100% white and very rich, saturated colours. Those three are almost non existing in real world.

How to fix an image, when colours are not fitting?
To avoid this effect, I strongly recommend to put all the colours on separate layers and experiment with hue shifting by using Hue/Saturation adjustment. But what to do when a picture is already finished?
1. Create a new layer and use some bright colour (depending on the picture mood I usually use orange or blue). Set the layer opacity to ~5%. All the colours are affected. That's the trick that old masters used in a traditional paintings to give all the colours a common hint.
2. If that's not working try to use Hue/saturation adjustment and shift it a little bit to the left or right. Just a little bit! This option require some practise to not ruin your rich colour palette.
3. If that's not enough you can use more advanced tool Colour balance. You can separately change a tone of shadows, midtones and highlights. This option may completely change the appearance of your picture and can give more subtle effect than Hue/Saturation.
4. If all above failed try to lower the saturation and overpaint on the new layer set on Colour more.

I haven't change the face proportions, just roughly rendered the nose, lips and hair.
Original picture:
Fake Anime Screenshot - Toxic

Overpainting with steps.
Cr0ssheart's paintover by LenamoArt
1. Using Hue/Saturation adjustment to lower the saturation and contrast. Shifting all the colours towards greens.
2. Changing the source of light from front to back (moon). I think it works better for the scene. Rendering face. Adding some rim light on the hair and edge of the face. Changing the brightens of the glasses, because on the original picture they look like they are glowing in the dark. Rendering hair and fur strands. I also painted the 2nd eye. I understand that it was meant as a reflection, but with light source changed it didn't make sense anymore.
3. Adding a violet shadows on the new layer set to Multiply (40% opacity)

Improving anatomy skills.
I think that drawing anime is not helping unfortunately. Drawing in this style may be tempting, because it seems more simple and people tend to easily accept its disproportions. In my opinion anime is using a lot of simplifications, which comes from a good anatomy knowledge - just look at those muscles curves! So my advice is: go back to basics if you want to improve. I don't know any shortcut. Find some reference pictures and do studies and sketches. I think that's a great deal of all the artists who paints people and I'm sure that it is getting easier with practise.
So when you want to paint something: use reference! Even if it's a picture of you in the mirror it will be really helpful and you'll save a lot of time.

I did some redlines and I must say that overall human proportions are pretty good. You should pay more attention to neck length and arm proportions when it comes to perspective drawing. Avoid strange poses, with unnatural leg twists :) And remember to always try out the pose by yourself to check if it's possible (yes, I know that anime is often using the impossible ones, but since you want to improve you anatomy skills, try it).
Redlines 3 by LenamoArt Redlines 2 by LenamoArt Redlines 1 by LenamoArt

I guess that's all of my thoughts about your pictures. Study the redlines an I hope you will find them useful.


If you like my mentorship idea throw $1 to my tip jar on PATREON and help me running projects like this for free. Thank you!

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